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. Until noon and then a phone call, heard by the base, she immediately hung up. The next day, cows learned that Qian Youji injured in Chiba, though did not know, hearts rejoice, sitting in a Chair, silaixiangqu, made up a text message sent to Li Man: in this life, you I just meant to, otherwise,beats by dre executive red, I will be your nightmare.
  Qian Youji was also secretly pondering, also came up with the idea, borrowed from cow in Chiba,beats by dre executive red, also sent a message to the Li Maner: this life, unless you're me, otherwise, I will be your nightmare. Li Maner was furious, and money by the base phone's been hit, sometimes soft, picked up the phone, Qian Youji in jiangcheng district is known. Qian Youji begged Li man came to see him, and kept reminding,beats by dre executive red, don't ask someone to keep an eye on it. Li Maner had to go while on the streets, then taxi to River City Community.
  Qian Youji Li Maner to sit down in her arms: "If you don't pick up the phone, I'm hobbled find you gone. King bull that interested me, and you cannot be prevented. Company, my Chief, Zhang, Deputy Manager Zhao escrow. You not to go to work the floor, upsets and unexpected. "Li Maner said:" site is no big deal, go or not is to say. Are you going to do? "Money by the Base:" take my leg, I buy a shotgun, spell squat for ten years in jail, King Bull shoot. "Li Maner said:" in anger. "In the afternoon, Li Man pick up two dishes in the refrigerator, and the two men ate, was helped by the base upstairs to rest.
  Li Maner said: "birthday is there anything important, precious, there is more important than this. Plus, you don't have to, counter to call me MOM misunderstood,beats by dre executive red, I turned to my mom about it, explain it. "Money by the Base:" that it explains the more know, besides, uncle aunt to know, have to worry about us for no reason. Understanding the appetite and does not understand and thought I was teenager impudent,beats by dre executive red, trouble is that. "Li Maner by the base raised to the money sits down on the sofa, took one look at themRelated Articles:
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