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. "Poetic Yee really really hard all day,beats by dre executive discontinued, holding Wang Li's hand with gratitude," thank you! "
  Lin Zihao wakes up. The night was quiet, very quiet. Watch sleeping Wang Li,beats by dre executive discontinued, he found himself thinking of Chen Jing, now it's her wedding night. He was "released" from sitting up on the bed,beats by dre executive discontinued, there was a strong reaction, some precious thing to be ripped to pieces, seemed to groan heard Chen Yingying, jealousy and outrage in the heart ... He gasped, your whole body throbbing.
  Late at night, cold Moon light and lying on the ground. He heard a bit of shouting, whispering to each other, and white from the dreams. He followed the direction of sounds, homing, outside the door of Chen Jing, shouts became clear, "Yao Ming,beats by dre executive discontinued, Yao Ming......"
  Meniscus clean, Coconut Grove congealing. Lin Zihao got out of bed, grabbed a piece of clothing, to the living room, lit a cigarette, and smoking. Suddenly felt thirsty, he went to the kitchen to find a can of coke in the fridge, all in one breath into your stomach, then sat on the sofa in the living room to continue to smoke,beats by dre executive discontinued, is all in the mind with Chen Jing and Xu Yaoming lingering in the shadows.
  Lin Zihao throw the door open, "huh? Light snow! "Snow lying on beds of Chen Jing, who was last night's black evening gowns, white shoulders gleamed white in the dark light, Moonlight, is white and dazzling. Tilting her lips, a slight shudder of her body.
  Jealousy and anger in his heart suddenly becomes a strong desire, desire is a claim, and a desire for revenge, and a desire to vent. Such a desire to stimulate him fuelling a blazing fire, he broke down, unstoppable. He was not afraid, and recklessly go and tore down the snow clothes.
  They are as mad as if battling seamless.
  Snow woke up in his toss, she hugged him tightly, he understood the snow's in the mood, just like his own feelings, anRelated Articles:
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