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  Fang Wei and Liu Shuanglin happened between myth is the story of a Princess and a poor boy.
  The first two, when seeing Sean Fang Liu Shuanglin,beats by dre david guetta mixr review, he said it was passing on business, two nursing schools around looking for a small hotel sit down.
  Liu Shuanglin is dedicated to Sean Fang, throughout two years of nursing school at Fang Wei, Liu Shuanglin legs were running thin. Army nursing schools, where nearly a dozen hours away by car,beats by dre david guetta mixr review, has just begun, shuanglin Liu Fang Wei every month, on a weekend. Liu Shuanglin Saturday evening by train,beats by dre david guetta mixr review, day after 10 o'clock, a nursing school, is at around two o'clock in the afternoon to drive the train to return, leaving Liu Shuanglin times are just a few hours.
  At the beginning, Fang Wei thought Liu Shuanglin is passing on business, dropped in to see for yourself, the look on her face was easy, like prosperity.
  Liu Shuanglin aside from wiping his head sweat, saying once we improve the food, I know your school well. Fang Wei to order, and then two men sitting proudly and eat.
  She said: thanks captain,beats by dre david guetta mixr review, not so busy to come.
  Liu Shuanglin virtual a virtual smile smiles: now your platoon leader,beats by dre david guetta mixr review, who told me, it should be.
  Fang Wei carefully watched Liu Shuanglin said: you're running too hard, then you write some letters.
  Time and again, many times, shuanglin Liu Fang Wei knew not the travel pass, but came to see on your own. She really touched, from the school to the troops, and from more than two hours at a time, leaving time for three or four hours of meeting them. Shuanglin LAU after a night of travel, apparently had a good rest, but his looks are high, from a bag of fruit and some snacks for display in front of Fang Wei, he smiled and said: these are all you can eat.
  I do not know what time, Fang Wei is called Liu Shuanglin platoon leader out, but changed to you.
  Liu Shuanglin said: I'm fine, idle is idle this weekend, come and see Related Articles:
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