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Brother wants to be a Chief. Brother brother knows when not to Chief, Xiong Ge put the word, saying that he wanted to,
He will never become a Deputy Chief. Brother, this information was not passed to brother. Since they left, brother
And brother for something pleasing pretty rotten brothers everywhere, said brother temper died, no one to get along well with him,beats by dre custom,
This quality is too bad ... ... When these words to the brothers of the ear, quite angry brothers, brother wanted to go, but then I thought
This and that.
Think: let others comment. No other brother, brother, brother brother was free to drill in the Office, go to chat and
Announced that day, brothers and miserable, and Chief, is one of his wild peach chicken, surname, more than 20 years old,
Is pretty close to watercress. Brother and pretty boy Adonis ignored him.
-Tom water pretty boy. Also scratched my pretty face.
Adonis night brother was pulled out for a drink, brother this time hurts the heart, all of a sudden will be banquet tables overturned,
Brother is discouraging to go to brother's Office to complain. The brother said: "I know you are laughing at me,beats by dre custom, but the people
Brother fell off the tears. Brother is happy, brothers and sent a piece of work. The brothers smiled to persuade architects
Brother silent, rises up to wipe a tear.
Dragging the floor two ... ...
My husband went out for a drink, when I got back, Chief,beats by dre custom, and a taxi drivers ' driving an arm,beats by dre custom, brother
               Too gushan Hui Nv
Early summer.
Hot sun backs, like put a Brazier, Hui Nv in a field off the Valley,beats by dre custom, Sun shines of the HIV virus,
On the coarse coat wet with sweat.
Smoke pot on a pat on her lips, eyes wet women body slips. Hui Nv didn't read books the other day and could also
Cut corner, men and women flocked to headland smoke stop for a rest under the shade of hiding shady na foot bottom. Restless man
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