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  In addition, he's willing to spend a lot of gold to purchase the Han dynasty generals battle armor, in particular, the kind of white robe decorated with silver and white, is for him to put it down. So that makes at least a dozen sets of the baby.
  Weitu Ho sighed and lowered: "let them go. "The departure order was issued,beats by dre cheap store.
  Gray sky, as if a thick bed of batting,beats by dre cheap store, crushing people choking on the gas. People crawl along horses and camels. Bypass the river Marsh,beats by dre cheap store, meandering snaking Yi across the vastness of the kender and thickets, disappeared in the desert in the distance.
  Carry baggage camels walking in front of the team, Ding Dong Ding Dong camel bells in the remote, open field, this bountiful nation calmly, like water and pass it on to. There is a man sitting among tossed toss hump, pharyngeal playing out an eagle made of bone Hu Di. Its dreary mildly regulating, one chants three sighs,beats by dre cheap store, a tune, accompanied by women who don't think the tears.
  Weitu HO has been at the team's back.
  Approaching half the next noon when they walked out of the OASIS, came to the edge of the desert. Troops stopped and began to bury the pot to cook. Women favor upon one another and drink the children running around from time to time.
  Weitu Ho sat on the blanket is spread in the sand,beats by dre cheap store, drinking a few sips of water. Also removed a volume inscribed wooden slips, but doesn't want to see anyway. Before long, curling up in a plume of smoke spiraling from kitchens, filled with the smell of food in the desert wind. Pudi had two camel chewing mouth spewed spit; and a horse neigh neigh noticed for a while, cause the owner's low round on. As if stirred vortex in the flow, followed by dead silence.
  They are farther away from home.
  Suddenly, a young soldier flying horse, slipped backwards glide by. Horseshoe walk fine sand fog billowing Dang Dang, into the haze of the dome empty. And a middle-aged man leaving a team, trailing the young Related Articles:
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