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  "Yes, I love my master, and love only one person in my life, so you don't want to get me,beats by dre cheap replica, I'd rather die than not, my heart does not belong to you, I wouldn't be you, you are delusional! "The bride's eyes wide open eyes, Word by word teeth tells the tall man standing in front of her, he wanted her? Well, dream!
  Groom's answer was a sneer. "Ah ... ... You were in my hands, all by my findings, and may you liberate yourself, please? "Walk up to fall on the bride's side of the knife to the side kick, a powerful force that makes knives flying out, straight into the door so she didn't react to arms.
  Bride's early plan for the worst, he didn't threaten her, not for the present she is sick of men,beats by dre cheap replica, beautiful eyes turned to Windows, whisper a sigh, pyran: "pray, let's do it again the next couple! "Fathomless one absolutely gorgeous smile,beats by dre cheap replica, heart cross bite previously hidden in the mouth of a poison, poison, go down the throat, under severe toxicity only makes her whole body twitching, eyes closed, slowly falling down.
  Groom found her situation different, came up to stop until it was too late, watch her brilliant red lip color deepens, cheeks, eyebrows dyed pink rapidly, making beautiful faces are beautiful dripping, beautiful puzzled people!
  Crane,beats by dre cheap replica, red, groom saw the iceberg.
  His bride before he died is still recited in her heart, afterlife do husband and wife again, he heard her wish.
  "Do you want to get it? I will not promise, never! "He was crazy roar, he does not allow someone to treat him, he's going to get even, even reincarnation, he wouldn't leave her alone.
  “哈……! "Suddenly he's crazy laugh, so move the wounds on his face a lot of bleeding, shrieking laughter, grim countenance heard into the defenders out, scared silly by front sight!
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