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. Xia Yuhong he began to marvel at the quality was too good for him,beats by dre cheap canada, after he attacked so many times the designs, she can live happier. He began to pain, frantically ran home, angry book poem:
Heaven given me a knife,beats by dre cheap canada, blades of fury rival 10,000!
Yuhong fluidity forgave him, he immediately carried away: "fluidity, have you ever heard a word here? Let a man away from home! "Fluidity eyes gave him a cold look, he faces them," but, I have always felt that this statement is a huge fallacy! "Fluidity and see his eyes and smiled, Yuhong happy to clean the room for fluidity and fluidity to peel apples for him.
Sad thing is, now that he's seen others rival, but people don't think of him as a rival. Yuhong since He Qingfang and soon know Kiyoyoshi love only yourself, confident big long, also ignored South Korean rival Lee, when he does not exist. Lee Han now not study literature, just destroy all emotional themes of the novel, but these methods in the book seems to be he's vicious. There he tried almost all of the silly ideas, and now he can do is to occasionally Kiyoyoshi drank a cup of coffee or something, doing something innocuous little damage, and coffee are often nervous, lest when Kiyoyoshi come back saying "you really like my dad."
That night, Yuhong in his sleep, he dreams himself in a boat, shaking in the water,beats by dre cheap canada, shaking. Heard a "pow" sound, voice of the vase. Yuhongyi open your eyes,beats by dre cheap canada, head ceiling fan is malaria, shaking badly,beats by dre cheap canada, his bed was shaking, bad, earthquake! Yuhong suddenly awake. He just woke up, face that looked like a coffin, rectangular shelves to wake up and is probably feeling too tired from shaking, might as well lie down and forget it, came at Yuhong head-on. Yuhong's brain is only a thought flashed: returning without his ticket in the fall.
Summer's life was too boring for him. Yuhong, since once it is with Kiyoyoshi and, what happened there is no contraRelated Articles:
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