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. He heard someone calling: "five young men can ' t be use. Can ' t be use,beats by dre cheap au. "He quickly ran into built towers.
  "Five young men can ' t be use. Give me a knife. You knife and cut my hand, later wife knows, you have to beat, "said Li Sao, then walked over and knives take over from the awareness group.
  Gui Tang left room night's group,beats by dre cheap au, two brothers sleep room, just below the window of the room together with a few maids, Qian and jade ring stand up shouting from a distance. Sleep group with a bright kitchen knife, in the band jumping all over while x MOM x Niang verbal garbage. Night hiding in his brother's room, also x MOM x mother to scold him.
  "Dog x. You're good enough to come out. "Night swarm testily madao.
  "Your son, you're good enough, you dare to come in. "Sleep in the House, fight back by swearing in a loud voice.
  "Lee woman, which is calling you to meddle? You charge me? Do you think the knife? "Conscious group earned red-faced thundered madao. He cut off the knife in his hand to his wife Lee. But he didn't mean to hit her, so she easily ducked. Li woman stretched tongue, mumbled a few words and quietly slipped away.
  "I x your forefathers,beats by dre cheap au, I x your ancestors. "Cursing road sleep groups waving a kitchen knife.
  "Five brother. "Chueh-Hsin cannot endure,beats by dre cheap au, angrily calling loudly. Sleep group did not ignore him.
  "My mother is your mother, my ancestry is your ancestor. Don't you dare in front of mother insults.
  I'll tell MOM. "Conscious defiantly shouted.
  Night's group saw his failure to secure a victory, more angry, desperate to lift a kitchen knife thrown into the room.
  "Five, you be careful, do not get into trouble. "Chueh-Hsin horror warned.
  "Five young men can ' t be use. He is your brother recently. "Wet nurse holding Yang Shufang,beats by dre cheap au, Ding next to a chorus of screaming woman holding sleep in the road.
  But these words have lost their effectiveness. Chopper reportedly brokeRelated Articles:
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