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 "Dong Wei Yu,beats by dre app, why are you trying to burn ice rain, I'm not gonna let you go, you're dyin '. "AI sparkle has been lost, said that at me in the past.
 "AI sparkle, you don't stimulate her anymore. "While He Xiaoke stepped forward to grab her hand, together dragged her out of the room. But shining people loudly cursing was echoed in my ears, still can't have dispersed, and her face, I can never forget her ferocious twisted scary face.
 "Dimensions of rain, this is true, you are not dreaming,beats by dre app, Yu Ling has died. "Dad said, breaking the last thread of fantasy in my mind.
 "Hey, it's all my fault. "He sighed, tears fell.
 It occurred to me, Yu Ling said however,beats by dre app, gastritis, and how will die,beats by dre app, it is funny, I have to ask that.
 "Hey, what's that gastritis, when identified, has had gastric cancer. "Until now they only told the truth to me.
 "You won't let me love him, I would not say you love him, you said that I can't be with him, I won't be with him, that is for you to say that to Yu Ling are good, I believed, listened. But why ... ..., "I sob, can't say any more word, just hate hate watching him.
 "Victoria rain, you don't cry, you're so soon after his operation, if you cry again will affect the results of operations. "Ya li stepped forward, quietly persuaded.
 Yu Ling is gone, and even that of yesterday and good as it can be, and what good will it do to me, it might as well be blind.
 "Victoria rain, you can't blame Yu Ling told you, if you knew the truth,beats by dre app, you are willing to do the surgery? Can't you understand Yu Ling does for you? Do you blame him? "Ya Li couldn't resist I'm Barking Road.
 I found every one of them with tears in her eyes, I opened my eyes, there is no taste of happiness and joy, but must first endure Yu Ling has left me in the fact that: "brother, why are you hiding from me, without you, I wish I were dead. "Tears flow into my mouth, he felt bitter and salty. Does he know, I lost his life, and hoRelated Articles:
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