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. He said Word sounds so slight,beats by dre 1 year limited warranty, I hear every word,beats by dre 1 year limited warranty, but I don't know what he's talking about,beats by dre 1 year limited warranty, as if the empty sounds into the ear.
  Silence on the phone, and I spit the word chaos said: "Liu Nian ... ... Well ... ... A car accident ... ... Ai Xiaoyu...... "I could not have said it.
  Phone buzzing, flying like a spring rape of innumerable bees, Golden Bee, dazzling.
  Old man is encouraged by the good old lady walking.
  Sweating, I finally stopped, and lay in the concrete floor of the illuminated course, heart "chug, chug" sharp beats, as if struggling to sparks from the chest up. Don't idle in the distance walked by an old couple comes curiously, so many people have seen me, but they are just rushing road, old man, at the instigation of a woman crushing and Blaster. Old man stops, turns more eye, in addition to the old lady who nothing else, he may wish I could easily stand up and he didn't want to meddle, in everyone's spread from mouth to mouth, Nosy, but most people don't have good fruit to eat.
  An old man approached me for the process is faltering.
  I can see my breath that a plume of gas like thin smoke curl vacated. Ai Xiaoyu in my view, does not know when she is standing at the door on the East side of the stadium, her eyes were lying on the floor staring at me,beats by dre 1 year limited warranty, her smile slightly,beats by dre 1 year limited warranty, playfully like laugh my kids lying down, and I saw a rotating stand in the world of Ai Xiaoyu. Sunflowers are not sure where to rotate, I can see the Sun Micro-open my eyes, a cloud will cover it. Sunflowers should be up to the Sun, from East to West, from birth to death. I gently call the "small feathers", hoping that she had come close to my side, I want to hold her hand. I'm going to wipe her tears.
  Ai Jing died. A strange yet familiar sound into the ears, I closed my eyes, tears ran down her cheeks in the ear. Another tear face, beginning with Ai Jing, then Ai Xiaoyu, I clearly understand that outsidRelated Articles:
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