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  I was very clear, Fu Shaoquan is sheer affectation, he gave another man that locks early,. He found very carefully, as if even he himself believed, that lock, which will be able to find out.
  Locked when not found out, of course.
  Little Lotus "wow" a loud cry,beats by dr dre solo unboxing and review.
  "You swear! "The barbarian grabbed a pole,beats by dr dre solo unboxing and review, which rotate,beats by dr dre solo unboxing and review, dishes on the table are all Fu Shao family were blown to the ground, broken to pieces, flow-the vegetable soup. Lost barbarian pole, another leap up, out the door, turned around and shot even kicks and kicks the door frame, kick drew the wall frame, crooked and almost fell. Then swing arms, a long way off.
  Fu Shaoquan fucked – go after drilling barbarians,beats by dr dre solo unboxing and review, failed to catch up with for a while, barbarians in his mouth-the road calling back.
  Crowds scattered.
  I helped Fu Shaoquan's brother Fu Shaoguang and big sister Reiko tidying up the room.
  Fu Shaoquan stalk around his neck, with his hands in his pocket, standing next to which.
  Fu Shaoquan twist my neck, nose humming – sound.
  Fu Shaoquan it out the door.
  Two old neighbors, put Loft on his mother advised.
  I made haste to catch his mother, "Granny Granny, don't get mad, don't be mad......"
  I went off Fu Shaoquan, when getting dark before they found him on the edge of the River in the distance. He sat on the edge of the river and stared dully at the lonely river flow. That black-crested, standing on his bent knees ... ...
  Fu Shaoquan shop part-time coopersmith seldom have had some business people say "Fu Shaoquan don't learn," at the same time, was sent to live far away. Small part-time coopersmith has since turned its back on them, they relentlessly abandon the small part-time coopersmith.
  The fifth section
  Tired, he went to bed. -The night's sleep nearly 20 hours. When a mother knows when I am often associated with him, saying, "he does not learn, you talk to him toRelated Articles:
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