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  I closed my eyes slightly hot hand knocked off one man's legs stay my waist, eyes hazy got a comfortable position to sleep. Moment, I woke up, bewildered, to sit up, flabbergasted look around she was sleeping peacefully in the handsome men-Li-Nan chun. Oh, my God, why would I? I was looking at her, naked, quickly pulled the quilt was in the chest, a blank, Blue Carpet: my sweater, pants, underwear and his trousers, belt, shirt at random and intertwined, is a mess.
  My splitting headache and hands rubbed his temples, yesterday evening I was at a bar drinking, then passed out at the bar,beats by dr dre solo unboxing and review, then being held by a man in the car, it seems appropriate to be Li Nanjun, but won't be able to sleep in his own bed ... ...
  I hurried up and legs were sore for a while, also fell back on the bed, a bad feeling came upon her, I quickly pull back the bed sheets, white beach,beats by dr dre solo unboxing and review, red blood on the sheets, like a red, plum-like was an eyesore.
  "Li-Nan chun,beats by dr dre solo unboxing and review! "I yelled at indignantly.
  Li-Nan chun started to come around,beats by dr dre solo unboxing and review, he unconsciously sat up and saw the angry look on my face and a pair of panicked confusion, low laugh.
  "You ... you ..." I'm embarrassed and ashamed, annoyed and stare at him, unable to refute, because I simply can't remember what happened last night.
  "However, I'm glad I was one of the first men. "Li Nanjun dark eyes staring at me steadily, deep in the eyes of clear. Arms in and hug me, I quickly step aside.
  "Eh?" "Li Nanjun picked up his eyebrows, and then grinned," well, we went to. "Then the naked body had always leaned over.
  "You ... you ..." I screamed, blushing, quickly move the line of sight, grabbed a throw pillow on the bed in the past, but he avoided with leave no trace.
  I ignored the pain, quilt wrapped his rapid rise from bed, next doRelated Articles:
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