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. "Don't want to play. ”…… Qiu Yang heard condensation in my ears, like frostbite typically, somewhat hoarse.
  --Don't think too much.
  After 5 days later in the morning, Qiu Yang just recognizes the difficulty of implementation.
  Two days ago, in gym class, basketball team of classmates and teammates, said these words.
  --How might not like too much.
  Bus station every day, only three lines of approach.
  2. 104 road. Traveling with Qiu Yang 29 road.
  In fact. He set off on 29 course-compartments of the car and watched the station that was his attention to 12 consecutive days of girls figure smaller, shrunk to a point until the station at that moment – "don't think too much" in Qiu Yang,beats by dr dre lebron james review, the implementation is sufficient to keep up with the difficulty of "inverted climb" levels.
  Only three cars to stay like this through the station. After nearly two weeks of secretly watch. Qiu Yang still don't know the girls will travel around the circuit,beats by dr dre lebron james review.
  But after one or two days.
  First few days, 29, like Qiu Yang remained stranded at the station take the bus girl phenomenon, will naturally be treated as a "because she has to wait for other cars," while ignoring the past.
  2-way car came. Girl sit,beats by dr dre lebron james review.
  The 104 bus. Girl sit.
  Until 29 bus came. Qiu Yang the car. Girls sit still.
  Neither embark on any one. Never the first to go.
  Just sat silent,beats by dr dre lebron james review. Sometimes on Qiu Yang left. Sometimes it's right. Hands holding hot gall. Occasionally into cans or bottles of mineral water. Maintained much the same pose. To sit still.
  This came out. Also because of this reason, your sight will be before you know it,beats by dr dre lebron james review, she was from stations in the environment alone, isolated, right?
  Before you know it. There was this one, at least before Qiu Yang left, the girl is just sitting.
  Long time ago in the station was a vague idea, Qiu Yang can determine the girls Related Articles:
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