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. He marked time relax, lest the doorman questioned. Back home, sweet sister has
Get up, busy in the kitchen. Sweet sister don't really blame him,beats by dr dre for sale cheap, saying only that night doesn't come back, make a phone call. He said,
Want to come back, but they are hard to pull my cards. People hardly ever again, and old colleagues, how well the
Ate breakfast, bring his son back, still went to the Office to work. Liu, Liu, Deputy Secretary-General
To live in Wattle Park Hotel to go to the drafting, lived there for months. Wattle Park,beats by dr dre for sale cheap, Smithfield, right next to, walk only five minutes away.
After a few days into the Wattle Park to, please collect information these days. Every year the Government work report
Zhu Huaijing itching to go in tonight.
After work in the morning,beats by dr dre for sale cheap, called Fang Mingyuan, Vice Mayor with him reported. Deputy Mayor of tomorrow
About 3:30 debrief. Zhu Huaijing expressed his thanks. Zhang Tianqi the phone hung up and told they had lined up,
Debrief rendering. Zhang Tianqi says thank you very much. Zhu Huaijing account, preferably by Secretary one
They come on time tomorrow,beats by dr dre for sale cheap, 3:30 P.M.. How busy Vice Mayor, Vice Mayor when squeezed in your busy life
A person reporting and concise.
Bu Weizhi old want to see Li Mingxi, hung up on a call from Li Mingxi. Said Li Mingxi is known
Daobo the old man, but had never met before,beats by dr dre for sale cheap, said see. Zhu Huaijing didn't expect Li Mingxi so quickly this time. Visible
Old man very happy, said waiting at home in the evening.
The evening, Zhu Huaijing and Li Mingxi as promised to the elegant Hall. Knock, and the last reception of Zhu Huaijing
Female. Was saying, BU he, two inside. Across the facade, in the House, like a puff
Lady, asked if Mr LEE and Mr Chu guys, my grandfather was waiting for two miles. This is Fred's Sun
Ever watch a fight without helping either party not only the old man in the picture
Old man's bedroom and study. Zhu Huaijing entered the room I saw a couplet from the desk top:
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