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  Qin Yi Jie is almost betrayed by her poor Qin Yi Jie!
         ※        ※        ※
  "You seemed to have a point, all right, I'll fix you up with ' Qin liar ' meet,beats by dr dre fakes vs real, but may need a little more time, you wait a minute, okay? "Zuo 馡馡 also think that Qiu Zhi媄 has a point, not to mention she'd put on her" dead endless "Qin Yi Jie sell; Qin Yi Jie conditions so much better than Qin Yanru, she sure Qiu Zhi Mei saw Qin Yi Jie.
  "The General Manager of your phone line. "Secretary Wu Peiqi is a married woman, which is common, but the ability to do is first class.
  Hao Qin Ming put down the phone to continue marking files, after several, as if suddenly remembered something. He put down the pen to quickly pick up the phone and press a few keys.
  Hao Qin Ming's offices are located in a seven-storey building in the third floor,beats by dr dre fakes vs real, although it is not a big company, but staff are not small either, so I took the whole floor was rented as a local operating company; he intends to tap the company for a little more time and bought a much better place.
  Hao Qin ming, coming from the side of the phone to his familiar voice.
  "Happen? Yeah, that change tomorrow, well, you're not cattle! "Zuo 馡馡 at the end of that phone with somewhat desolate tone plays.
  "Fei fei, I'm sorry! Today, and your dinner date, we postponed until tomorrow,beats by dr dre fakes vs real, okay? Qin's brother to talk some business tonight. "Hao Qin ming said in a gentle tone he always think of her as the girl next door.
  "Well,beats by dr dre fakes vs real, Qin's brother will certainly not cattle. "Hao Qin Ming promised her.
  Hao Qin Ming-hung up the phone and continue to mark files,beats by dr dre fakes vs real.
  Hao Qin ming Wu Peiqi look just hung up the phone, thought a moment before opening: "General Manager, there's one thing I don't know can talk to you about it? "Hao Qin Ming and Wu Peiqi as been friends for years, Hao Qin Ming's personality is more easygoRelated Articles:
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