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. Although referred to as the most beautiful woman in Sunflower Consulting cannot be overemphasized. But I have such beauties in front of spineless men expressed disdain.
 Look far looks like. Ya li glanced at him and kick those two big eyes, if eyes could kill, far will definitely be killed. Distant find NGA Lai unpleasant appearance, had very reluctantly back to ya-Li's side.
 "Yeah, yeah. I haven't seen such a beautiful woman! Is the most beautiful woman Ah! "She should not have gone far wrong wrong to tell you the truth.
 Ya li heard this sentence more sour an ensemble: "she is the most beautiful woman, what about me?
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 Ya hear Lai put me off her,beats by dr dre fakes sound quality, ya didn't slap-style stamp Li Te on the far back,beats by dr dre fakes sound quality, issuing sound especially crisp. Done beat ya Li and never went back, and remained distant at that recollection.
 Us from staring at the beautiful silhouette, plus was upstaged by Yu Ling, but his favor is far from transit of the rain, aggrieved, the voice said said: "he's either Ke my girlfriend, I'll get her to bed ... ..."
 Seriously,beats by dr dre fakes sound quality, we seldom see little Ke cross form. But who doesn't love the cross, more terrible angry. Small Ke looks very menacing, scaring us from immediately shut up, put on a pair of wild women face, looking at small KE.
 Yu Ling nice watch shake, he made a face and said, "do you not see it? The Sunflower Consulting is the young creator goddess, and you have the nerve to her wild desires, want to die! "Finished adding insult to injury and kicked long,beats by dr dre fakes sound quality, and then quickly get out.
 Tree planting after the task is completed, it is proposed to do a game, such an interesting place if they fail to play a game, it's really a shame. His offer immediately, we voted for the amendment.
 I didn't say anything,beats by dr dre fakes sound quality, angry looks at ice rain.
 We were called ' unconcerned mountain ' game, the rules of the game are simple, rock, paper, Scissor, we use to decide winners and losers, loser with a win thenRelated Articles:
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