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  "I want you to help me give birth to a son, and I doubted your pill, also questioned if he is incapable of having a child, and later went to the hospital to check, well,beats by dr dre fakes buy, you can see for yourself, you're not pregnant with my child. Little bitch, eat me, wear me, gave me a cuckold! "Li Jiayi grabbed the plum head banging on the wall.
  Plum had no idea she was born to kill their own children, she lay in a coma in the hospital, Lin Sen got the call and quickly went to see her.
  She is kept in front of the plum bed look Plum was wounded in the head and tie a white cloth,beats by dr dre fakes buy, and Li Jiayi would have slipped, she couldn't find a place to theory, plum and unconscious.
  Plum woke up two hours later, she met Lin Sen can't help but "Wow! "A voice cried out.
  "My children? "She was touching her belly,beats by dr dre fakes buy, cried and asked.
  "Lin Sen, I have nothing now, isn't it? "Plum painful reminiscence of Linsen do not really have the heart to despair.
  "It will, silly girl, you don't want to, take good care of his body on the line. "Linsen assured her that.
  Knocked to the ground by Li Jiayi, plum had a miscarriage.
  "You're my friend,beats by dr dre fakes buy, you do not have yourself? "Lem.
  Birds also have their own life, people do not have their own life? What about her? Compare with plum, she's just living sober.
  "I actually had nothing at the outset, I didn't own, others are my own, my life is so bitter it? "She closed her eyes and murmured, she must have been thinking about this for several years, Lin Sen watched Ward out of my Windows, there are some birds in the sky play leisure, free very happy look.
  Days Hou is plum discharged of days, Linsen holds with a beam flowers to hospital received she Shi, she is is not has,beats by dr dre fakes buy, beds over space, o bed of a patients put a seal letter handed Linsen--Linsen: I knows you will to Related Articles:
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