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  She sat beside him, calm and extremely gentle, and he could feel Wang Juan's body to his side was inclined, he could smell her body exudes feminine, so he got a sense of déjà vu all over again. Li yaling was occasionally left him of breath, when he was intoxicated, had missed.
  When the film breaks up, sudden light he came back to reality. Outside his Colt and Wang Juan came to the cinema, she didn't say a Word,are beats by dre wireless good, he did not speak. Much people around.
  She said: the movies look good?
  He nodded a: OK.
  In fact, he has not looked into.
  Two side said, go, he suddenly thought of something to say: where do you live? I sent you.
  She didn't say, didn't say no, so two people walked in silence. Street lamp is not lit, shadows of two men in the street while stretching shortened. He walked on dirt roads in the countryside, he sent Li yaling home under the dark vegetation, at that time,are beats by dre wireless good, he always think that way too short, and they often send each other, sometimes in Li yaling and they walk back and forth between the Brigade. First love is beautiful,are beats by dre wireless good, is also impressive. With this feeling, he was completely relaxed. Two steps have the consistency, walking in harmony.
  Wang Juan is close to him, a dozen centimeters, and their body from time to time,are beats by dre wireless good, delicately touching together. A gust of wind, she can fly hair touched his face.
  She said: it really quiet at night.
  Occasionally, the cyclists passed from them, ride far, also looked at a glance over his shoulder.
  He did not speak, but felt Wang Juan always exists. Li yaling before they walked at his side, was so quiet, sometimes well a long while without saying a Word, just silently feel.
  She said: when I get home.
  In front of the building, he stopped, he established,are beats by dre wireless good, the two men stood face to face.
  She did not rush to go, Li yaling in that year as well. She looked at him a moment, and then looked at his toes Related Articles:
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