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. "This is mining Vera, proud and defiant, but dare to do, and that's where her attractive.
"The pity is that my driver son born of man, do not know Miss Xia Da truth, I only know
Kaixiang dumping Vera's hand-harvest, forward left, have no regard picking Wei in the barking behind him.
Dirty, nasty, outrageous means to achieve my goal. I have to do something, Hasta la Vista. "With that,
Wait and see! "Picking Vera hates road.
"Vile! Don't want to face the beast! I will never let this beast, I joke. Yes! The beast! I
Then, Vera mining has changed, she dropped her fretful complaining, and she received her short fuse, and seriously looking for a job. However,
One week, two weeks later, bad luck seems to be stuck with picking Wei General, her pillar. Vera-harvest
Disappointed, but she is still building, she will never let that horrible beast she jokes. This is mining Viv
Regardless of how the environment, she will always be proud and stubborn, because she's a Princess,Beats By Dre Cheap, Princess clearly an obstinate.
Immediately pick up the phone. Sure enough,Beats By Dre Cheap, the father's condition suddenly worsened. The Xia Jia, was worse.
This morning, mining and Vera woke up, heard the telephone kept ringing, like a rush mind, I feel bad,
"The doctor said, in dad's condition,Beats By Dre Cheap, non-operation is not available immediately, but Mom's salary is not enough Ah!
Bosses are no longer willing to lend me, since I have borrowed too much. "Mother said anxiously,Beats By Dre Cheap, looking Xia Mu that pair of skinny
Weak body, mining and Vivian can't help but feel your incompetence and impiety.
In fact, mining Vera there's friends, her pair of arrogant, defiant temperament,Beats By Dre Cheap, offending students
Light, she knows best, friend route is not feasible, just joke! Relatives? MOM
MOM's disconnection, so the mother side of the family is from, what is even the name, adopt Vivian don't
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